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  • Contemporary Designs
     Costumes In Time offers a variety of custom and personalized contemporary designs.
  • Theatre and Dance Costume Design
     Costumes In Time has over 25 years of costume design experience for theater, film and dance.
  • Authentic Period Costumes
     Reproducing authentic period costumes with extensive experience in clothing and accessories from the Renaissance, Victorian Era, Civil War Era and the early 1900s.

Costumes In Time is an authentic reproduction clothier specializing in period costumes including Victorian era, Civil War, theater and dance, early 1900s, vintage furs and contemporary costumes.

Donna Duncan, Authentic Reproduction Clothier

Donna Duncan, Authentic Reproduction Clothier

I began my journey towards costume making at a very early age. I taught myself to use my mother’s antique treadle sewing machine…I was nine years old. Over the years I gained more skill and a deeper understanding of the art of sewing. I’ve never had a sewing lesson, and yes, I have made a few mistakes along the way…but I have a passion for it and hope to continue for years to come.

My love for creating authentic reproduction clothing began in 1995, when I became a cast member of a Renaissance Faire, in Abilene TX. I was required to construct my own clothing and I became very excited about the whole process. There was historical research required, in order to be as accurate as possible. The result was my first Elizabethan Court gown. I was hooked! I started a design shop, offering costume making and interior design. Abilene became too small for me, so I packed up and moved to the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex in 2002.

By 2010 I had expanded my resume to include Theatre and Dance costumes (many winning 1st prize), Mascot costumes for a hockey team, the Nokia phone company, Make A Wish Foundation, Disney Studios, and more. I also fell in love with the reenacting community, becoming one of the sought

after seamstresses to construct clothing focusing on the Civil War and Victorian Eras. Texas is rich in history, with many historic villages and entities, offering living history lessons to the public and schools. This is another area that I have become active in, teaching history, while in period correct clothing, makes the lesson so much more fun to learn.